Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Applications > Accesories > Terminal

[root@brb ~]#
[root@brb ~]# whoami?
DJ Kub

[root@brb ~]# cd djkub

[djkub@brb ~]# more
Why haven't I posted anything in a month?
[djkub@brb ~]# mv
I left HP and started a new job.
[djkub@brb ~]# ls

The new job is hard.

I have to think a lot.
I don't have very much free time now.

My head hurts all the time.

It is a very different experience for me.

I have to use a Linux machine now - there is no Windows.

I am almost always confused.

[djkub@brb ~]# clear

[djkub@brb ~]# declare
But I will be back soon.
[djkub@brb ~]# free
I just need to make a bit more time each day.
[djkub@brb ~]# exec
A new Digital Kicks is currently being compiled & recorded.
[djkub@brb ~]# command
Thanks for reading and keep checking for updates.
[djkub@brb ~]# exit

[djkub@brb ~]# shutdown